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Drain Cleaning Service Tampa

There is never a good time to find out that you have a clogged drain in your  home. But you can avoid that unpleasant experience by making a single call to (813) 305-0225 to schedule your Tampa drain cleaning with the most respected plumbing company in Hillsborough County. With over 50 years in the plumbing business, the licensed plumbers at Mr. Rooter are experts at removing clogs and cleaning drains in an effort to prevent future clogs from forming. 

You know that you can trust the 100% satisfaction guarantee of Mr. Rooter because thousands of other members of the community can’t be wrong. Between our BBB accredidation and 4.7 star Google rating it is easy to see how dedicated we are to total customer satisfaction. A call to (813) 305-0225 will get you in contact with our customer service specialists who can set up a same day appointment for a blocked drain. We’ll get in and out quickly and affordably so that you can get on to the things that truly matter. 

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Call Mr. Rooter today at (813) 305-0225 and schedule service with one our drug-screened, background checked, professional, & courteous plumbers. We are the go-to plumber for drain cleaning in Tampa, call us today and schedule service to find out why!

We Can Clear Any Plumbing Clog!

  • Slow Draining Showers & Tubs
  • Backed Up Toilets
  • Overflowing Toilets
  • Floor Drains
  • Bathroom Sinks
  • Outdoor Drains
  • Cracked/Damaged Sewer Lines
  • Kitchen Sinks

Common Causes Of Clogged Drains

If we’re being completely honest, most of us are not very careful about what we toss down the drain. We might let the water run for an extra second or two in hopes of it washing away, but that does not do much in the way of moving debris down the line. Instead, those items become stuck to the grease, grime, and soap scum that are covering the inside of the drain pipes and are the start of your next drain clog. Items like food particles, hair, and dirt all become a matted chunk that slowly grows until the water can barely pass through the drain pipe. 

Chemical products sold at big box stores will claim to dissolve even the tough hair clogs, but what often happens is that the clogs shrink only a little bit at best. And in the worst case, you leave the chemicals in the pipe just a little too long and they begin to eat through the walls of the pipe to create yet another issue later on down the line. A professional drain cleaning is the only way that all clogs and the grime that causes them, will be removed from your drain lines. Call (813) 305-0225 today and know that the skilled team from Mr. Rooter will eliminate your issues quickly and at a very affordable rate. 

Call us today at (813) 305-0225 to schedule our 5-star rated drain cleaning service. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Clogged Sinks and Drains

Kitchen sinks are often the victims of large chunks of food from an overloaded garbage disposal or items like coffee grounds or egg shells which do not move efficiently through drain pipes. Though egg shells pieces are tiny and so are coffee grounds, these items are easily mired in the grease and grime that is coating the inside of a kitchen drain pipe. And over time, these time bits add up to become a complete blockage of your kitchen drain. 

Bathroom sink drains nemesis is the hair and beard trimmings that are often rinsed down from the sink. These tiny items also are easily snared in the grease from beauty and bathing products. And as time passes, these clogs continue to grow as more oil based scum builds up. The only real solution is to remove the oil from your skin drains on a regular basis to know that you will not be facing an overflowing skin at a most inopportune time. A call to (813) 305-0225 will let you schedule an appointment for a drain cleaning when it will not interrupt your busy schedule. At Mr. Rooter, we offer appointments in the evening and on the weekends so that you will never need to worry about clogged drains again. 

Backed Up Toilets 

Nothing strikes fear into anyone’s heart like that moment when the toilet begins to swirl, but the water does not drain. After a frantic moment of handle jiggling and worry, the water usually stops, but the toilet bowl is full of the most contaminated and nasty water. At this point, smart homeowners reach for their cellphone to call (813) 305-0225 to schedule an emergency appointment with a Mr. Rooter drain cleaning specialist. 

Toilet clogs can be some of the most challenging because they are often a combination of many substances. And in the worst cases, these include socks, toys, or other objects that were disposed of by a small child. Harsh chemical products are not going to have any impact on these types of clogs. But the professional methods of clog removal and drain cleaning can have your drain clear and your mind at ease in a very short time. Call (813) 305-0225 to take the stress out of your next toilet clog. 

Clogged Tubs And Showers

Most tub and shower clogs are caused by hair and soap scum. But in the case of a fur baby living in your home, pet fur is the number one issue for clogged tub and shower drains. When hair and fur get wet, they tend to clump and mat into a ball that will quickly put your shower or tub drain out of commission. But the skill of a Mr. Rooter plumber can have that nasty hair or fur clog removed and your drain cleaned in under an hour in many cases. Call (813) 305-0225 to schedule an emergency clog removal or a simple drain cleaning today.

When water is not flowing down any drain, the only real long term solution is a professional drain cleaning from Mr. Rooter. We offer very affordable rates and will work around your schedule to make sure that everything about your experience working with us meets or exceeds your expectations. Call (813) 305-0225 today and you will never need to worry about backed up sinks or tubs again.  


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Mr. Rooster Plumbing was great replacing my water heater. Toby was professional and gave me upfront price options.

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I saw the post online and called the number and Mr. Rooter sent someone over within an hour. Toby was a great technician!

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Toby at Mr Rooter Plumbing saved the day when he got our bathroom drain unclogged! We highly recommend them and their services!

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